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At ASIS Your Child is Our Child 100%

It never surprises me when a parent whose child has been struggling at another school comes into my office crying and at a loss to understand why their grades are so bad at their present school. Why can’t my son do his homework they ask? They ask the child, what did your teacher show you in class. They child cringes and replies, Mom I just can’t understand him.

wpid-pastedgraphic-2014-09-8-09-34.pngMy question is why are schools in Dhaka torturing young minds that they are tasked and paid to teach? Why do they not put a system in place to ensure the teachers they have hired have successfully imparted a lesson and taught their students? Why?

If you come to our school first thing you will notice is that your child is excited about coming to school. You will get regular feedback from your child’s teacher. If your child is struggling in any subject you will hear it from his teacher personally. Not on report card day, but everyday in his diary. If you don’t respond to the diaries notices, the school and his teacher will call you. Our teachers will give extra help to struggling students at no extra cost to you.

If you come to our school on any given day, you can be shown what your child’s teacher taught and the work your child did as per that lesson which is kept in portfolio binders, by subject and by day. We call it, “Proof of Learning”. At ASIS we are transparent to our parents. Your child will never come home saying, he could not understand they lesson or unable to do the assigned homework unless assisted.

Our admission and tuition includes textbooks, uniforms and stationery costs. You won’t be running around town trying to buy notebooks, textbooks and more for your child. Everything comes directly from us. Our textbooks are all imported from the U.S. and we follow the standardized curriculum of the State of Ohio.

At American Standard International School your child is our child. His success is our success. We take education and educating seriously.

If you haven’t heard about American Standard International School, I request you to view the video and then visit our website at www.asisbd.com and our Facebook Page. We are happy to answer any questions, so call us or stop by for a cup of coffee. You’ll be glad you did.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18RIuiiU4pM?rel=0]

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