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Education Matters

At ASIS Your Child is Our Child 100%

It never surprises me when a parent whose child has been struggling at another school comes into my office crying and at a loss to understand why their grades are so bad at their present school. Why can’t my son do his homework they ask? They ask the child, what …

Why an American education in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh where most privately schools are serving up the British curriculum model (either Cambridge or Edexel) a common question is why should my child receive an American education in Bangladesh? Take a look at the leading private universities and you will find that they are following the American system …

Proof of Learning

Proof of Learning is a very important component in assessing a school. Whether it’s the school your child is currently attending or one where you are considering admission. Your child is attending school 180 days a year. He probably has a multitude of copies/notebooks. In these, you may get a …