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Proof of Learning

Proof of Learning is a very important component in assessing a school. Whether it’s the school your child is currently attending or one where you are considering admission.

Your child is attending school 180 days a year. He probably has a multitude of copies/notebooks. In these, you may get a glimpse what has been done in class (or at least your child’s side of it) and you see the homework. You also are privy to the diary/homework assignments and generally have an idea when class tests are coming. Parent – Teacher progress meetings are held and there your teacher relays how well or poorly your child is performing.  He/she has  journal from which she/he refers that most likely contains grades from various assessments. This is the extent of proof of learning you will receive from most schools in Bangladesh.

At American Standard International School we welcome you to visit the school, your child’s class or any class where you are considering admission. We offer grades Pre-School (Age 2+) up to Grade 7 and will open Grade 8 in August 2014. We follow an American Curriculum based on the educational standards of the State of Ohio. Our teachers will contact you when your child is not doing homework, is absent or something just is not going as expected. Even if we have to close due to a political strike, your child will receive classwork from his teacher in his school assigned email address. He will be expected to complete these assignments and return them to his teacher. His teacher will be available to him if he has questions.  Our teacher will send 2 reminders throughout the day to your child. All of our students are aware informed as soon as we are aware of the pending strike and our Admin will send you a text message informing you that school will be closed. Communication with our students and their parents is very important at ASIS.

IMG_20140401_103817Proof of learning is transparent at our school. Not only will you see the assignments your child is completing at home, but our teachers can show you your child’s portfolios for each subject by unit and her own portfolios that match your child’s for each day of school and that is what we call “Proof of Learning”.  In Dhaka and in Bangladesh the schools that follow this standard are few. We are proud to have American Standard International School (ASIS) among them.

You may wonder if your child receives an American curriculum (over the predominant British Council) how will that impact him or her when applying to universities. We can confidently inform you that the curriculum standard (American or British) really has no bearing on your child’s ability to study at the University of their choice. Upon graduation, your child will receive a certified High School diploma along with certified transcripts from their last 4 years (Grades 9-12) of school. Should they wish to study in the U.S. They will also have appeared for their Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) which will have them fully prepared and qualified to study at any U.S. university where they wish to apply.

We are governed by Ohio State Department of Education and follow the standards strictly for every subject. We welcome all interested parents to stop by for a chat, a tour and nice cup of tea. We’re happy to explain by example why ASIS is a great school “Where Learning is Fun!”


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