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Summer in Bangladesh

Summer in Bangladesh is generally a dull time of year. Everyone is out traveling or goes to their villages, plus it is the rainy season. For this reason, most of the organizations that usually have events like meena bazaars or fairs hold their events in the winter.

American Standard International School has decided its time for a change. If you are looking for something to do in July you need to look no further than American Standard International School. On July 12-13th, 2012 we will be hosting our first PTA Bazaar. It will be a great time to stop by and see our school, start your Eid shopping early with the great variety of vendors, or check out the entertainment on the rooftop. Those who register their child for admission to our school on these two days will receive a special discount. So, save the date and do stop by to visit any of the 100 vendors, including an special international food court. Door prizes will be given out throughout and their will be a special concert on the evening of July 13th. Call the school at +8802 8416975 for more details. Stalls are still available so feel free to stop by to register your store, restaurant or NGO to participate on the day. July 7th is the last day for stall registrations.

For information about our school visit our website at http://www.aisdbd.com or our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/asisbd .




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