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Why an American education in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh where most privately schools are serving up the British curriculum model (either Cambridge or Edexel) a common question is why should my child receive an American education in Bangladesh? Take a look at the leading private universities and you will find that they are following the American system of education. While doing research for this post I came across this post in a google group from 2006,Richard Hopper, a doctoral candidate in Harvard University, has written an article entitled, ‘Emerging private universities in Bangladesh: public enemy or ally?’ In it he says, ‘Bangladesh image of poverty and natural disasters seems a world away from the air-conditioned computer lab at the private North South University (NSU) in Dhaka. Here undergraduate students of business administration… in spite of the crowded squalls on the streets below… work at computer terminals with Pentium processors and laser printers’. The most striking fact about these universities is that about 95 per cent of these universities are located in Dhaka. Since the enactment of Private Universities Act of 1992, there has been an astonishing expansion of private universities in Bangladesh. While in the year 2000, the number of private universities in Bangladesh was 17, today it has reached a total of 53. Obviously, this growth rate seems unhealthy in consideration of the per capita income of the country and also in terms of quality assurance of higher education because education in these universities is much more expensive than the public universities where tuition fees are nearly 10/20 Tk. One most familiar feature of these universities is that they follow American method of education. They offer four-year bachelor degree programmes with credit hour based course. Because of the legacy of the British rule, the education system of this country was totally based on the British model. With the emergence of the private universities since 1992, the American system of education is being introduced in the country. This system has also created a popular appeal in Bangladesh.”
Just imagine the numbers today.

In addition to all the universities following the American system in Bangladesh, the vast majority of universities around the world also are doing the same. So, it’s really time to start asking a different question. Why isn’t your child receiving an American education in Bangladesh? Start preparing your child for a successful education and future today. Admissions are going on now. Visit the American Standard International School campus conveniently located in North Baridhara to learn more. A Real American school, where learning is FUN!

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